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Jesus came to give abundant life to everyone who believes on Him.
We invite you to join us for a worship service this Sunday at 9:30 or 11:00 am and experience all that God is doing here
at CrossPointe Church. Take a minute and plan your visit today!

Who We Are

CrossPointe Church is a group of people whose driving priority is not to be traditional, but to be effective. Effective means the songs we sing may not always be familiar to people who have grown up in church, but the words of the songs we sing are powerful and they focus the heart and mind on who God is and what God has done. Effective means that we do not use the Bible to illustrate what we want to say or think. Instead, we teach what the Bible says and we are challenged and inspired every week to align our lives with God’s will. Effective means building community through kindness, love, and hospitality.  We work hard to treat everyone who attends CrossPointe like family. Finally, effective means that we will not be distracted by some of the things that have caused people to walk away from the church. While we are unapologetic about believing and teaching everything the Bible teaches, we strongly reject making up rules and regulations and expecting people to live up to human-made standards. We celebrate our freedom in Christ, not to do whatever we want to do, but to enjoy an abundant and impactful life through Jesus.

At CrossPointe you will find a church that teaches the Bible, worships God, and loves people. Focusing on being effective is the only way we know to lead people to connect and commit to Jesus. We hope you will take a couple of hours this Sunday to be our guest.

When We Gather


9:30 & 11:00 am


7:00 pm

What To Expect

A typical service will last about 60 minutes and includes inspiring music and an encouraging message.  We also have a worship service designed for children, nursery for the little ones and groups for all ages. 

Worship Music Is A Big Deal

Worship is more than a few minutes on Sunday, worship is a way of life.  At CrossPointe, we select songs that will inspire and encourage you every day because they teach sound doctrine and lead you to focus on Christ. Click on the playlist to listen to the songs we're going to sing on Sundays this month.

Core Values

We Are For The Church

We will not reduce the church to an organization or an optional gathering because the church is central to the Christian life and necessary for spiritual fellowship.

We Are Spiritual Contributors

We are not spiritual consumers.  The church does not exist for us.  We are the church and we exist to serve others.

We Are Generous

We will sacrifice for Jesus and His church.  It is an honor to give up things we love for things we love even more.

We Operate By Faith

We are faith-filled, big-thinking risk takers.  We will not insult God with small thinking and safe living.

We Will Go

We are convinced that Jesus is the hope of the world.  We will do everything we must to reach everyone we can with the gospel.

We Will Disciple

We are responsible to learn and return what we have learned.  God gives information to transform lives.

How To Contact Us

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