Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

CrossPointe Church exists to lead people to connect and commit to Jesus.

Our vision for CrossPointe is simple; we want CrossPointe to be a growing, vibrant, missional church for this and future generations. We will stand on the truth of Scripture and we will not be swayed by the whims of our culture. We will teach the truth of God boldly and we will encourage members to relentlessly pursue a passionate life of reckless obedience to our Savior and King. We pray for God to add to His church as He pleases and we will strive to do anything and everything we can do to impact our culture with the life-changing, life-giving message of the gospel. We believe the result will be a church that resembles the churches established by that first generation of Christ followers. We also believe that the impact of such a church will spread across generational and ethnic lines, producing a church for anyone who loves Jesus, for those who want to learn about Jesus, and for those who want to serve Jesus.

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